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99th Jordan

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Friday, November 02 2007 12:09:54

Blog Image28-10-2007 Amman, Jordan km: 119,370

My 99th country is Jordan. Jordan is also moslem country but they want to make friendship to all over the world. They are good relationship with USA and even with Israel. The immigration policeman said "You do not need visa to come to Jordan!"

Amman is capital city. It is middle of the valley and many hills around and inside of the city. Roman theater and ruins are down town. Many Parestinian people and Egypsians live in Amman. Most people are friendly but they can not speak English.

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Posted by 米山 博子 Sunday, November 04 2007 01:15:34

中西くんお元気そうで何よりです。今、中東ですか。ヨルダンって、あのジェラシックパークの舞台になったところでしょすごく興味深いです。クリスマス、新年はどちらの予定? 素敵な旅をお続けください。 ガーナより米山 博子

Posted by Rose Mathaler(Switzerland) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:10:32

Hello Daisuke,

I am pleased to hear from you again. Greetings to the country of Jordan. I hope you are going to visit PETRA, a wonderful historical site.

I wonder which direction you will take from Jordan which is surrounded by so many uncertain countries. Iran would be interesting to visit, but as you certainly know something is going on...

Sending you all my best regards from Geneva, where the cold wind is blowing since many days.

Posted by Ronaldo(Brasil) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:09:02

Hello dear, I'm verry happy to know that you fine, so I have one question to do. Are you back to Brazil some day? If yes let me konw any way have a nice trip lots of luck. Regards,

Posted by mohammad dia Sunday, November 04 2007 01:06:43

how r u?
my brother i hope u will fine and have very good health
and if u need anything from me tell me ok..
ur dear friend :mohammad dia

Posted by Giel and Lisette(The Netherlands) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:05:35

Dear Daisuke, How nice to hear from you and to follow your trip via the website and your emails. Your 99th country, wow!!! How many left to visit yet? We wish you all the best. Greetings Giel and Lisette,The Netherlands

Posted by François(Santiago,Chile) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:02:59

hello Daisuke,
in which country are celebrating the 100 th ? great.... you should be very happy and proud ... how many guys have done it before ?
Well, hope you'll drink a great beer for me...
all the best my friend..

Posted by Douglas(Vancouver,Canada) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:02:11

Good luck to you

Douglas Chiang

Posted by Myrte(Netherland) Sunday, November 04 2007 01:01:20

Your 99th country?! You are on your way to number 100! Good luck! Myrte

Posted by Pilar(Santiago,Chile) Sunday, November 04 2007 00:58:20

Hola Daisuke, qué alegría saber de ti amigo, que estás bien y disfrutando mucho tu paso por Jordan. Espero te siga acompañando el buen tiempo, gente buena y muchos amigos más por conocer...

un abrazo especial para ti....

Saludos ...


Posted by matej(Slovenia) Sunday, November 04 2007 00:55:59

juhej, have fun entering your 100th country and going over 120.000 km. you are the best! bye from sana, vicky and matej