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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Friday, November 02 2007 11:50:27

Blog Image22-10-2007 Beirut, Lebanon km 119,012

It seems like still war at downtown of Beirut. Many buildings destroyed. I saw many militaries at downtown and they blocked roads. Many tanks are also on the street. It is prohibid to take pictures. Some soldiers are friendly but some of them are very nurvas. War was finished, but they afraid that some crazy people kill politicians. Many shopes closed about a year because they made strike against government...

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Posted by thierry(France) Sunday, November 04 2007 00:48:51

dear daisuke,thank's for your news, hope you enjoy your days to liban and next jordan. i know only one thing , a bad thing in liban, they keep like prisoners women from philipin and africa, these women work in houses for housework, usually it is and agency who find a family for a job, they keep their passport, they work like slaves and there is lot of suicide. a tragedy in this country after the war and before, not a new thing. anyway, you are still pedaling through the world. take care and see you on the road. energie and joy for your best. thierry

Posted by Aleksander Sunday, November 04 2007 00:45:04

Hey Daisuke! I found that people often base on colloquial knowledge, which has nothing to do with real world. So it is good to check things by yourself, like your visit to Lebanon or Syria (these are dangerous countries, do not go there! yes, sure). Be safe!

Posted by Kent Lynn(Washington DC,USA) Sunday, November 04 2007 00:29:49

Hello from Washington DC. Thanks for sending news from Lebanon. Is there much physical damage from the war? Have they begun to rebuild?

Good luck in your travels to Syria. Please be careful.



Posted by Giorgio(Brasil) Saturday, November 03 2007 22:25:19

Hi Dai! I hope you won´t get kidnapped. There are still many terrorists who take foreigners for ransom money or to force their governments into certain actions in Libanon. Be careful.