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Rub Al hari desert, Oman

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Tuesday, May 13 2008 08:32:02

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13-05-2008 Mascat, Oman km: 128,246

We cycled 1373 km middle of desert from Yemen boarder to Muscat (Arabian coast). The road is
very nice asphalt condition and mostly flat road. But the big problem is
wind and very hot afternoon. It was tail wind several days, and it was
so nice to cycle fast. But the wind changes sometimes and when strong
wind come from side or against, it was hard. Each 50-122km there are
restaurant and we got water but some restaurant they have only salty
water. So,sometimes we must buy bottle water. The water is much more expensive
than petrol at this country. Hotel is also terrible expensive but it
is very safe country, so we always sleep outside without any problem.
We can not see many animals only we saw Camels, goats and dead Hyena.
The food is not so expensive. Most restaurant are Pakistan, India or
Yemen workers. Qitbit-resthouse at middle of the desert 280km from
Salarat, the manager of resthouse told us that one Sweedish cyclist
stop here one month ago. He will visit Olympic games at Bejin in this
August. Mr. Tim Bogdanov www.cykelresan.com

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Posted by Helen Sayers Sunday, May 18 2008 21:22:34

Dear Daisuke, It was wonderful to read of your adventures in the Oman Observer, and to browse through your website. Congratulations for your courage! It is a great inspiration for many, especially young people. I would love to hear, one day, of your deepest reflections on peace...as you certainly must have had many experiences of silence and the wonder of nature and the universe, the synchronicity of things etc. etc. A friend of mine who meditates regularly recently camped out for a night in the desert of Oman. He spoke of a profound silence and stillness that he had never felt before...and how it enriched his whole being. It would be wonderful to know of your insights. I wish I had know that you were coming to Oman. However, I see that you will be in UAE soon. I shall be in Dubai to run a presentation on stress management on 29th. Maybe I'll get to hear of your whereabouts! With very best wishes for the rest of your amazing journey, Helen Sayers Project coordinator, Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Oman

Posted by Lou Melini Sunday, May 18 2008 20:59:16

I enjoy your update. Please take care and be careful. I sent you a small donation to the person who accepts donations in Belgium. I hope you have received this small donation.
Good Luck and stay safe.
Lou Melini (Salt lake city, USA)

Posted by Suei Sunday, May 18 2008 20:31:17

Hello Daisuke,

I am glad to hear from you from a far away country. It is hard to believe that water is more expensive than petrol in Oman. In Georgia, gasline is US$3.75 per gallon now. Gasline goes up the price everyday. Do you like Oman? Are you OK with the hot weather in Oman?

Please take care and be happy when you cycle in the dessert.

Suei (Georgia, USA)

Posted by Salva Sunday, May 18 2008 20:29:05

hello my friend
I am in kurdistan, turkey,
I think I will in iran in 15-20 days if the visa is ok, I did with iranıanvisa.com,
cope with the heat! if you survive, I thınk we will meet in iran somewhere,
by the way, where are you plannıng to spend the winter?
best regards from urfa

Posted by Marny Sunday, May 18 2008 20:21:00

nice to know about your news,
108 coutry is verry good,
how many country you still have ?
take care ,Marny Lebanon

Posted by Kent Sunday, May 18 2008 20:16:36

Ooo. Oman sounds tough for a cyclist. Perhaps the road is good, but everything else sounds difficult!

Good to hear from you. I was bicycling in Pennsylvania over the weekend, and went through a long tunnel - almost a mile long!


Kent (Washington DC, USA)

Posted by Giorgio Sunday, May 18 2008 20:13:37

Hi Dai

Good for you that it was all asphalted as on the satellite picture it
still showed dust roads or no road at all for that stretch.
How many days did it take you for this stretch?


Posted by Bassam Imad Sunday, May 18 2008 20:09:18

Hi Daisuke,
i'm Bassam from Lebanon. i'm so glad to always hear
news from you, and i'm very glad that you're ok and
safe. i always read your emails and sometimes i check
your site to see yor latest news and photos.
My dear freind Daisuke i wish you all the best, and i
hope that one day i'll be able to cycle with you.
wish me good luck, because maybe the next week i'll go
to Doha in Qatar for a new job. Are you visiting this
region? I mean Qatar or the Emirates?

All my very best wishes to you my freind Daisuke.