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Police Escote, Yemen

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Wednesday, April 23 2008 20:55:55

Blog Image23-04-2008, Al Mukalla, Yemen km: 126,309

The picture is Martin and our bicycles on the police truck.

Here, Martin (Canadian cyclist cycling from South Korea to now Yemen) and I are in Al Mukalla, south of Yemen right now. It is 37 degrees of Centigrade and very humid at daytime.

After Aden (Zinzibar), we stopped police control 50 km east of Aden. Policemen let us stopped quater of hours there. They called to special police team. Then special police team came by police car and they let us started to cycle from there. We could cycled only after 25 kilo meters. Then we stopped at next police control. The next police team did not let us cycle. So we and our bicycle were on the police truck and moved to 500 km without money. We change 5 diffrent cars and moved 2 days for this 500 km. Policemen at Yemen are mostly very friendly. Just 25 km before Al Mukalla (Burum), they let us be free.
The east of Aden was still contended by tribes against Yemen government. And sometimes foreigner tourists was kidnapped. Many police control are on the road between this area. All polices and military has machinegun. But many cars, trucks, buses pass normal and it seems safe. People live at small village between this area are friendly and I could not feel dangerous area.

We will go to Shibam and sayun and then to Oman, UAE. If you have some informations about this area, let me know.

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Posted by Tim Bogdanov Sunday, May 18 2008 22:23:23


The coast road is great in Yemen specielly the last parts were the mountain is meating the sea, great views. They put me in a police car from Ahwar to Mukalla from Mukalla i could bike again with no problems. From Zinjibar to Ahwar i had an police car going next to me. And the police always wanted to put the bike on their car so they could move faster bastards! In Ahwar they wanted me to pay them for the escort but they could drive me for free. So i jumped in to the car and they let me off at the beutiful bungalow beach just before Bir Ali dont miss that place. You can probably put up the tent there. Its called the Qana turist complex.

Check the possibily to go the coastal road in Oman, i think it will be more fun than the empty desert i went trough. The coastal road will take more time and probably no asfalt roads but a greater adventure than pushing trough the desert with hard wind and sand in your face. Anyway you can do the desert if you enjoy the challange of it.

Keep the bike going!

Tim (Swedish cyclist)

Posted by Kenny Sunday, May 18 2008 21:54:26

Daisuke and Patato-head have made it down to Aden. Will you be allowed to pedal out to Oman? Will the government give you a permission? I have met some people who had to pay money for their travel permits in Aden... they shouldn't have had to pay for it!

Bye for now, safe riding!


Posted by Andrea Monday, April 28 2008 15:00:52

Hi Daisuke,
good luck for your cycling in Yemen and this
countries, it sounds very adventurous, but great! All right Daisuke, all the best and happy cycling

Posted by Giorgio Wednesday, April 23 2008 21:12:42

Well, you see that my advices are often right. Lucky that you've got a
police escort.
I hope it'll be better further south.
Don't enter South Africa as you won't make 50km before being
assaulted. Everybody will tell you that. The value of only your bike
will feed a whole family for a few years and they don't bother to beat
you up or even kill you.
They have an incredible hatred against foreigners there.
Giorgio from Sao Paulo, Brasil