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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, January 14 2008 14:03:40

Blog Image12-1-2008 Khartoum,Sudan km: 123,079

Khartoum is capital city of Sudan. I found cheap hotel "Al-Waleed Hotel" 8 pond(4USdollar) a bed

I met Egyptian man Mr. Sherif (50 years old) (left side of this picture) at that hotel. He guided me around Khartoum city. I felt he is very kind and good person. He is a translator of moslem Quran speak English, French, Italian and Arabic very well. I enjoyed to talk and walked around city with him very much because I like his spilitual life and knowledge. And I knew cheap locals life.(how to find cheap food and so on) I have a lot of things to learn from him.

I went to Japanese embassy to get some informations about next my destination and also I got permission to go to Gederlef area (east of Sudan) at Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs office during I was Khartoum.

Mr. Sherif helped me to translate my website English to Arabic. Thanks my new good friend! http://www.daisukebike.be/ar/index.html

My mobile phone number(during I am in Sudan): 00249 925579795

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