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Welcome to Sudan!!

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, January 14 2008 13:51:29

Blog Image5-1-2008 Argo, Sudan km: 122,565

Mr. Abdelfadil Abdelrazig invited me to stay his house for 5 days. He is gentle man. He always said "You can stay more!!" He was school teacher but no job right now. He can speak good English. He invited foreigner cyclists more than 10 in this 20 years.

Mr. Abdelfadil said, "It is pleasure to host you for 5 days at my house. I am very happy to talk to you. If some other cyclists pass this village, they are always welcome. You can give them my address and name. I hope we can meet again some day. You are always welcome in Sudan. If you come back to Argo, my house is always yours!!"

He has one wife and 2 children. Sudan/Dongola/Argo/Abohujar mobile:0129017343

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