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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Sunday, January 13 2008 17:27:19

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1-1-2008 Argo, Sudan km: 122,565

When I arrived Argo village, a man invited me to stay his house. I joined family Mr. Abdelfadil to see their life style.

Most Nubian people are Moslem. They play 5 times everyday. They live near Nile river and their main produces are agriculture. They do not have agriculture machine, and donkeys, cows help farmers. They do not have electricity from power station. So, some family has generation to make electricity at night. Some rich people has television. Many children and some adults visit neighbors house to watch TV at night for free. People help each other. They are mostly kind people... They drink water direct from Nile river. The drinking water is sometimes blown color and sometimes small insects are there. I am not sure that this water is good for health or not... (I always drink and eat same of locals)

Big electricity power station "Malawi dam makes electricity after 6 month. So, Argo village also will get electricity soon. Pave road construction works very fast and they will finish to paved between Dongola to Wadi Halfa until next 2 years. Their lifestyle might be change soon...

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