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Sudan-Nubian desert road

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Sunday, January 13 2008 16:51:12

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26-12-2007 Akasha, Sudan km: 122,265

It is still no paved road between Wadi Halfa (border town to Egypt) to Dongola about 400 km to Khartoum. (Dongola to Khartoum 500 km is paved) I must push my bike sometimes because of soft sand road. When some roads workers trucks come, they gave me a lot of dust. My clothes, body and bicycle were full of dust. I slept my tent without shower. I did not met any hyenas, scorpions and some dangerous animals on the way. I could get water less than each 70 km because there are many small villages.....30 centigrade are hottest time at this winter season.

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