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Egyptian people

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Friday, December 21 2007 19:26:21

Blog Image 19-12-2007 Qena,Egypt km:121,821

It is Moslem holiday from yesterday to 3 days. When I arrived Qena city, many children shout me on the street. "Hello Money! Sin!(Chinese)" Some children are just friendly but some group were so bad. They cheated me. I was looking forward cheap hotel to stay tonight. Children always followed me and shout a lot. The adult people helped me to stop them sometimes. But so many children came to me and they could not control that bad children. One cheap hotel was closed and only expensive hotel open. I decided to leave this city and to find place to sleep out of the city. It is not easy to find free camping place beside Nile river because so much people live in this area. But I was lucky one old man called me from his house just before sunset. His name is Mahmud Rouali. I could make my tent in the garden of his house and He made me tea. When I tried to give him small money, he had never received it. He can not speak English but we understood something. I enjoyed to talk with him because he is so friendly man and I had very happy time with him.

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