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Police escote

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, December 17 2007 15:50:55

Blog Image17-12-2007 Asyut,Egypt km:121,632

I started pedaling from Mallawi (beside Nile river) 8:00AM in this morning. I stopped police control point 20 km from Mallawi. Police man called to other polices. 5 policemen escoted me by police truck and it was so stressful. At last they took my bicycle on their police truck. They were friendly and they enjoyed to help??? me. But I am not happy for their help. I asked local people how dangerous there are. Nobody says dangerous. Local people cycle without any escote! I arrived to Asyut city in this afternoon (90 km from Mallawi). I took 5 police cars in these 70 km. When I cycle in the Asyut city, police man always follow me..... Policemen are every corner at this city......

18-12-2007 Sohag,Egypt km:121,743

I escaped several police control points today. But at last 7 policemen caught me 70 km away from Asyut city. I continued to cycle until Sohag city but police car always escoted me. It was very stressful. When I arrived Sohag city, policemen took me to police station and then took me to hotel. The problem was I can not speak Arabic and they can not speak any English. We could not understand each other... The hotel was too expensive for me,next hotel was closed, next hotel did not accept foreigners.....It spent a lot of times to find my hotel with policemen. If I go alone, I can find easier.... The cheaf of policemen in Sohag city promised me that he will eacote me to Quena city (150 km away fromSohag) tomorrow. I am nervus about tomorrow.....

19-12-2007 Qena,Egypt km:121,821

6:30 AM: One policeman came to my hotel and waited me. 7:10 AM:Police truck came to my hotel with 5 policemen. They pick me and my bike on thier truck and we went to police control point just out of the Sohag city. 7:20 AM:We waited next police truck rrive from next police control point. 7:40 AM:10 policemen started their breakfast (Bread and boild egg), but they did not give me any food. 8:10AM: Police truck arrived. Next 5 policemen took me and my bike on the truck. We left from Sohag. Then 3 times changed trucks nd policemen, we moved 80 km away from Sohag city. 11:00AM: Policemen let me free a middle of the road. I got freedom and started pedaling to Quena city. But it was many police control points there(each 10 km). They always called to next control about I passed there or not....

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