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Lebanon dinner

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, October 22 2007 10:43:12

Blog Image21-10-2007 Lebanon km: 119,920

Bassam is my host in Beirut. His mother made very delicious Lebanon food.Salad,meat, yougurt, lebanon bread, ... Lebanease food are very delicious. I enjoyed to join their diner very much. Thanks a lot!!

When I was on the road often people said "welcome!'" and they often invited me to drink something or eat. People in Lebanon are friendly. Everybody speak Arabic. Some educated people speak French and English.

私はいまレバノンにいます。数ヶ月前に戦争が終わり、人々はみんなフレンドリーです。私はベイルートのBassam Imadさんのお家におじゃましています。CACのメンバーでサイクリストです。彼のご家族にジョインして、とても嬉しいし、今回とてもリラックスさせてもらっています。 今は暑すぎるわけでもなく、過ごしやすい天候です。

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