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Syrian hospitality

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Wednesday, October 17 2007 15:43:23

Blog Image10-10-2007 Afamya, Syria km: 118,465

Mr. Mostafa Mahmad Khiro (left) invited me to stay his house and eat. I met Belgium traveler by car Mr. Mihai and Wagna on the street and Mr. Mostafa Mahmad Khiro also invited them to stay and eat.

Mihai (center) said to us "Nobody inivite travelers or foreigners in Blgium. Many Belgium people said do not go to Syria because it is poor and dangerous country, but it was totaly wrong. I am very happy to visit so friendly country in Stria!!" Wagna (right) also very enjoyed to talk with friendly Syrian family.

Mr. Mostafa Mahmad Khiro said "Our average income is 100 dollars a month. It is difficult to live even only eat. So we must help each other by all family and friends. We like to help travelers because we are interesting to know diffrent culture and to learn from you. I hope you have safe trip. Good bress you!"

People are poor and many of them are no education. It is pity but many local people are very friendly.

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