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New friend in Ankara

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Saturday, September 22 2007 17:27:40

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Ankara, Turkey 22-9-2007 km:117,100

I stayed 2 weeks at Hotel Avrupa (Susam sk. No.9, Ulus,Ankara). I did not have plan to stay such a long time. But it is quite comfortable and convinience place also good and quiet place to relax. The manager of hotel Mr. Turkman and his friend are so kind persons. He discount price for me and they often invited me to drink tea or coffee. He gave me message.

"Dürüstlüğün.Erendiliğin.Bir Japon örnrği idi.Gönlümüzdetaht kurdunuz. Suan oyrılıyorsun. Aklımıl, Gönlümüz DAIMA seninle olsanda, olmasanda Hoşçakal

Attila Türkmen "

"Thanks for your visiting us. Our heart is always travel with you. You are very wonderful nice person. We hope your good luck on your journey. "

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