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Iraq war

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, September 17 2007 18:03:24

Blog Image17-9-2007 Ankara,Turkey

The young man came to my cheap hotel with one his brother and 2 friends. He lost his left leg by Iraq war. His name is Husein Sebuy Ahmed. He is 21 years old. He was soldier who work with American army.

When he came back to his house from his job in Bagdad, suddenly 4 soldiers shoot him by AK gun. 4 bullets was his back and 10 bullets was his legs. But he was lucky. He could survive after 1.5 month in hospital.

He left Iraq and he went to Syria then came to Turkey. He hope to get visa of USA or Europe to live there.

He said "It is no more peace future for Iraq after Sadam Husein dead. I miss my family but I do not want to go back Iraq any more..."

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