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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Thursday, September 13 2007 18:54:18

Blog ImageAnkara,Turkey 13-09-2007 Ramadan start today till 11-October

The traffic in Ankara and the other big cities are always crowded and their driving manner is terrible bad and dangerous. Many drivers do not take care for cyclists or pedestrians. Especially bus drivers and taxi drivers are worse!

Bus or taxi sometimes stop suddenly just front of my mooving when they find customers!

Some cars run terrible fast!

Some traffic run very close to me!

Some traffic pass red signal!

Bus sometimes stop center of the road to take off customers!

Many cars park at prohibid parking area!

A lot of horns make noise!!

A lot of car exhausts make pollution!!!

I sometimes saw traffic accident.

Many people want to drive a car. More and more numbers of cars growing everyday on the earth. They spend more and more petrol and make polution, global warming, noise and also kill many people and animals. The new roads destroy natures. We should reduce numbers of cars for human life of next generation.

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