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Cycling Information - China

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Friday, September 11 2009 14:21:01

Beijig, China

1. General Information
China is third largest country and first populated country in the world. There are 5000 years history. So, it is many interesting things to see. But the problem is Communism government does not like foreigner's travelers to visit everywhere for free. There are still not open area for foreigners. For example if you want to go to Tibet, you must get permission. Still most Chinese can not speak English. The situation change recently and China is getting easy destination to cycle.

2. Climate
There is big country. It is different climate depends of area. But most places has rainy season between May and September.

3. Highlight
Many historical places and landscapes. Beautiful mountains at Tibet...

4. Road and Traffic
The road is wide and there is shoulder for cyclists. It seems safe for cycle. Most part are good asphalt condition but dusty. When I cycle one day, my body and clothes get black. Buse and truck drivers often make big noisy horn to cyclists. Drivers and cyclists and even pedestrians are selfish to move. You must always careful against all Chinese movement.

5. Dangerous (Be careful for...)

6. Transportation for cyclists
It is easy to put bicycle on the long distance buses. They charge extra cost for bicycle. Train is hard because sometimes must wait a week to get ticket and sometimes bicycle does not arrive at same train.

7. Accommodation
It is easy to find cheap guesthouse every town. It cost 10-15 yuan (1.5-2.3 US dollar) If you want to stay expensive hotel, you must go to big city.

8. Food
It is easy to find food shop on the road. If many locals eat the shop, they sell cheap and good food.

9. How to get drinking water
"Do not drink tap water!" The Lonely Planet says. According to Lonely Planet China, "Some reports suggested that almost 500 million people in China are supplied with polluted water. WHO estimates that over 95,000 die annually from consuming polluted drinking water in China." Guest house usually has free boiled water for drink. (But I am not sure that it is safe or not..)

10. Money
ATM is available for international card.

11. Internet
There are cyber cafe at every town. It cost 2-3 yuan (0.3-0.45 US dollar) per hour. Connection is good and fast. They do not allowed to use USB for pictures and also facebook.

12. Cost
Long distance bus ride and entrance fee of famous touristic places are expensive. For example Shoulin temple and one another temple cost 27 US dollar. But still cost for cycling is not expensive.
Guest house:1.5-2.3 US dollar, Breakfast(Tofu soup, 2 dumpling):0.3US dollar, Lunch(fried noodle):0.75 US dollar, Dinner(Rice, meat dish,vegetable):2 US dollar, Bottle of beer:0.6 US dollar, Coca Cola(600ml):0.45 US dollar,

13. Good Bike Shops
There are quite good bike shops at every big cities. Also they have good mechanics.

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