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200 km cycle from Delhi

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Wednesday, December 17 2008 15:15:58

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16-12-2008 Agra, India km:138,735

I could not leave Delhi 3 days after I fix bike problem. My abscess of
knee get bigger and bigger. It was difficult to walk up and down at
step of my hotel. I opened the abscess and drain the pus many times. I felt better
after that and my knee pain less. I continued to do again and again.
My knee was not pain yesterday. So, I started cycle yesterday morning.
120 km yesterday. 100 km today. I arrived Agra. My right knee is O.K.
but left knee got small pain right now. well, I will see what happen

The road in India is not so bad. It has always shoulder and I feel
traffic is not so dangers. But air pollution is everywhere. And people
in India especially business people are very unpolite. I was small town
yesterday. It has only 2 hotels. It was not clearn room but the manager guy
charge me 10 US dollar. It means 3 times more expensive price than
local cheap hotel's. Some of them want to charge foreigner price
to foreigner traveller. I could not stay these un friendly hotels. I
cycled at night and found gas station. Poor workers helped me and I
could sleep security rooms for free. Many rats and mosquitos are
inside....But no way.... This is India.

The entrance fee of Taj Mahal is 20 Rs for local people. 750 Rs for foreigner.

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