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120th India

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Tuesday, November 25 2008 11:15:03

Blog Image21-11-2008 Golden Temple, Amritsar, India km:138,084

2 Spanish cyclists, Salva and Alvaro www.biciclown.com and me cycled cross Indian border from Pakistan. Our paper works was fast and nothing trouble at both immigrations.

India is 7th biggest country in the world and second populated country in the world. There are many holy place of Hindu, Buddhism and Sikhs religion. And also there are many historical monuments and different natures. So, it seems exciting country to see.

Golden Temple - The golden temple of Amritsar, located in Punjab, is the famous pilgrimage place for Sikhs in India. It is just 30 km from Pakistan border (Whaga). It is very beautiful temple. And also very nice place for me because they give foreigner tourists for free accommodation and food all the time. People who works at Golden Temple are very friendly. I enjoyed to stay here.

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