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Cycling Information-Armenia

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Wednesday, August 06 2008 12:13:13

Blog Image01-08-2008 Etchimiajin, Armenia km: 132,032

1. General information
It is small country at mountain area. It is south of Georgia, west of Turkey, north of Iran and east of Azerbaijan. But it is closed land border between Armenia and Turkey and also between Armenia and Azerbaijan. I could get Armenian visa at border post cost me 15000 Dr (50 US dollar)

2. Climate
It will be very cold at winter time. Nice season will be summer time.

3. Highlight
It is beautiful mountain route everywhere. Green trees, grasses, clean and fresh mountain water everywhere. Many Armenian monasteries and churches are nice to see. Volcano Ararat is also nice to see. If you want to climb this mountain, you should go to Turkey.

4. Road and traffic
There are asphalt road almost all main roads. But condition of Asphalt is not so good. Quite laugh asphalt so, you must be careful at down hill. Not so many traffic are there but their driving manner is not so friendly.

5. Be careful!
Do not drink vodka and cycle!!
Many steep down hills there so check your brake!

6. Transportation for cyclists
7. Accommodation
I found free camping place easily. Cheapest accommodation at Yerevan is home stay cost from 1000 Dr (3.3 US dollar)

8. food
fruits, vodka,cognac

9. How to get drinking water
I could find easy free water at town and also mountain water on the road.

10. Money
You can use card at town.

11 Internet
It is easy to find Internet cafe at big town.

12. Cost
Little of bottle water:150Dr (0.5 US dollar), small coca cola 200ml bottle:150Dr (0.5 US dollar), Little of petrol:450Dr (1.5 US dollar), 0.5 little bottle of beer :300Dr (1 US dollar), lunch(bread, small meat, salad, drink): 1000Dr (3.3 US dollar), cheap hotel(home stay): 1000Dr (3.3 US dollar), Internet per hour: 200Dr (0.66 US dollar)

13. useful information
Not so many cyclists are there. It is not many bicycle shops.

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