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Cycling Information-Iran

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Thursday, July 24 2008 17:41:52

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19-07-2008, Norduz, Iran km:131,733

1. General information
The land of Iran is about 2 times bigger than Pakistan or Turkey. Most people are Muslim and many people can not speak English. Cycling is not popular in Iran. I saw many bicycle shops at Tehran and Tabriz. But they sell most things made in China.

2. Climate
April to October will be nice season to cycle. Summer (July and August will be hot)

3. Highlight
Isfahan is beautiful city.

4. Road and traffic
Most main roads were asphalted and many parts has shoulder for cycling. The manner of car drivers are terrible and so much dangerous. They also make pollution.

5. Dangerous
Iranian traffic is worst thing. Scorpions are in desert.

6. Transportation for cyclists
Some bus drivers are friendly for cyclists but some of them are unfriendly.

7. Accommodation
Cheapest hostel cost about 5 US dollar. It is easy to find free camping places at out of city.

8. food
Many restaurant sell "Kebab, Nun(Iranian bread), Chicken and rice,

9. How to get drinking water
It is easy free water at every town. Usually tap water is safe.

10. Money
It is better to carry cash US dollar or Euro.

11 Internet
It is easy to find Internet shop at many towns.

12. Cost
1.5 Little of bottle water:0.4 US dollar, 250ml bottle of coca cola: 0.15 US dollar, no beer, lunch(Kebab and bread):3 US dollar, cheap hostel(dormitory):5 US dollar, Internet per hour:0.6-1 US dollar

13. useful information
Many cyclists stop next hostel..Tehran: Mashhad Hotel(dormitory 5 US dollar) No.416 west Amir Kabir Avenue, Isfahan: Amir Kabir Hostel(dormitory 5 US dollar) Charbagh st

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