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Tabriz Municipality-discussion

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Tuesday, July 15 2008 18:48:35

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15-07-2008 Tabriz, Iran km:131,518

I visited Municipality of Tabriz city. pop:1,340,000, east 46.17, north 38.05 , altitude 1360m from sea level.

Mayor of the city was out of Tabriz at this time. I met Mr. Daryush Maghsoudi who is the manager of public relationship office in Tabriz municipality (left end), Dr. Sharif Neghad who is Tabriz mayor assistant in culture social and artistic affair (second from left) , and Mr. Michael Nazari who is the manager of tourism committee in Tabriz municipality (right end). We discussed about peace. They invited me lunch and gave me some gift. Thanks!

"I hope you happiness and success fullness, because you are messenger of peace and friendship. The peace means living together and without a problem (war). The peace means presence of hotly humanity in guiding and education of human-being, and creating of this presence in friendship and creature, that is release of humanity from darkness, which roots are in devil thought.
Hoping success fullness, Dr. Sharif Neghad" translation by Michael Nazari

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