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Mt. Damavand(Iranian Corrupt officials)

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Sunday, July 06 2008 14:29:58

Blog Image05-07-2007 Mt. Damavand,Iran km:130,770

Bastien who is French cyclist (right) and I climbed Mt. Damaband. It
is highest mountain in Iran. Official said 5671m. Iran mountaineering federation asked us 50 US dollar charge for each of us. I got headache against them and also high altitude. I did not try to go up to the summit and we did not pay 100 dollar (for two of us) to their pocket. They said this money will use to clean up the mountain. But why local Iranian climbers do not pay anything? When we fought against federation guy at third camp(4100m), the guy kicked our tent!

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