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Memorial Day in Iran

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Thursday, June 05 2008 17:15:59

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04-06-2008 Shiraz km: 129,539

It is memorial day of the Reverend Homeini. It is Iranian holiday and many Iranian people from all over the country come to visit Bogh'e-ye Cheragh temple. All hotels and streets in the center of Shiraz are full of people.

Shiraz is old capital of Persia. Many beautiful temples, mosques and castle are in the center of the city. It is 1600 meter above sea level and the weather is not so hot and many trees are in the street.

Most Iranian people can not speak English. UN Muslim tourists can not enter some temples. Some hotels do not accept foreigner travelers. Woman travelers are hard to travel this country because there are many strict Muslim rules.

05-06-2008 I extend my Iranian visa for a month today. It cost about 11 US dollar. The friendly police officer said to me "Be careful to travel in Iran because many thieves are all over in Iran!"

1USdollar = 9300 Iran RIs
cheap hotel = 7.5 USD (70,000RIs)
local food (kebab,onion,Iranian bread, drink) = 2.7 USD(25,000Rls)
Big hamburger = 0.65 USD
Pepsi (300ml bottle) = 0.2 USD
Internet (1hour) = 0.86 USD
visa extension(30days) = 11.3 USD

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