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Hello New friends in UAE

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Tuesday, May 20 2008 20:51:13

Blog Image20-05-2008 Dubai, UAE km: 128,900

I arrive Dubai. It was 45 cent degrees at this afternoon. Here is my last place at Arabian peninsula. And also last place to cycle with Canadian cyclist Mr. Martin Graham.
Dubai is quite expensive country because there are a lot of oil inside of land. Local people in Dubai does not work. Many workers from all over the world come here and make money. It seems everybody are rival and enemy. People do not respect other people at this country. When I asked to local people about road or something else, their answer were not kindly. Traffic manner were terrible bad. Many cars, trucks, buses, and taxi drivers drive selfish. I often feel so dangerous and afraid about they crash me. The road system also very bad for cyclist at Dubai. No nice bicycle way, no shoulders....

Cheapest place to stay is Youth Hostel cost about 30 USD. UAE cycling federation paid for me a night. Thanks.
French and Argentina couple David and Inti invited me to stay their house. They gave me nice bed, shower, food, clean my clothes, charge my battery and also use internet. Their help is nicest for me because I can know new friends and get many information. Thanks a lot. My German friend Ines and Wolfgang contacted them for me. Thanks Ines and Wolfgang.

Martin went back to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by airplane yesterday for complete all his bicycle journey from South Korea to Capetown. We cycled together from Addis Ababa to Dubai about 2 month. He is my longest partner of my journey. It was nice to exchange our different experienced and study each other. Thanks Martin, have a safe cycling until Capetown.

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