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Rub Al hari desert, Oman

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Tuesday, May 13 2008 08:32:02

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13-05-2008 Mascat, Oman km: 128,246

We cycled 1373 km middle of desert from Yemen boarder to Muscat (Arabian coast). The road is
very nice asphalt condition and mostly flat road. But the big problem is
wind and very hot afternoon. It was tail wind several days, and it was
so nice to cycle fast. But the wind changes sometimes and when strong
wind come from side or against, it was hard. Each 50-122km there are
restaurant and we got water but some restaurant they have only salty
water. So,sometimes we must buy bottle water. The water is much more expensive
than petrol at this country. Hotel is also terrible expensive but it
is very safe country, so we always sleep outside without any problem.
We can not see many animals only we saw Camels, goats and dead Hyena.
The food is not so expensive. Most restaurant are Pakistan, India or
Yemen workers. Qitbit-resthouse at middle of the desert 280km from
Salarat, the manager of resthouse told us that one Sweedish cyclist
stop here one month ago. He will visit Olympic games at Bejin in this
August. Mr. Tim Bogdanov www.cykelresan.com

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