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Shibam, Yemen

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Sunday, April 27 2008 20:13:03

Blog Image27-04-2008 Shibam, Yemen km: 126,621

The village of Shibam was built about the 4th century AD. It seems The Manhattan of the Desert. It was decleared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1982. Most of the 500 or so buildings within the village wall are seven or eight storeys high, made from mud bricks and featuring decorative windows and doors. The wall itself is a relatively recent addition from the 17th century. Shibam is in middle of wadi Hadramawt. Wadi Hadramawt is the longest (about 200km) wadi in the Middle East was named after the people who lived there centuries ago.

Police escoted us part of between Al Mukalla to Shibam because two Belgium women tourists and two Yemenese drivers was killed by gunman January 2008 at Hadramawt religion.

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