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Aden, Yemen

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Sunday, April 20 2008 19:36:33

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20-04-2008 Aden, Yemen km: 126,184

After 403km cycled from Sanaa, Martin and I arrived Aden city beside of Arabian Sea coast. We spent 4 days on the road. The road between Sanaa and Aden is all paved road. It is sometimes narrow and busy traffic. Some Yemenese driving manner was crazy and very dangerous. Because of we are always careful against cars and trucks, we did not get accident. We are lucky! The local Yemenese people at these area are so friendly. They are curious about strange foreigners. They asked us many things. Policemen were also friendly. But they were worry about us because some tourists was kidnapped at this area.

Great port of Aden was recorded in the 6th century B.C. When the British occupied Aden in 1839, Aden became the third most important port in the world. It was 37 degrees centigrade at daytime and it is very humid. We were swet a lot and we need to drink a lot of water. It seems mid summer time in Japan.

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