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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, April 14 2008 13:54:05

Blog Image13-03-2008 Sanaa, Yemen km: 125,652

Yemen belongs to southend of Arabia penisula. Many mountains are there. There is poor country because of underdeveloped and there is not much oil. But it is one of the undiscovered treasure of the Middle East. There is unique culture, legendaly, hospitality, incredible architecture and stunning landscapes.

The capital city of Yemen is Sanaa. The altitude of Sanaa is around 2300m above sea level. When I arrived there, I got high altitude sickness. Because I climbed up quickly from sea level in those days. I got headache, no hungry, and very tired. I could not eat worst 2 days. But my body got well after a week ago. The amount of oxygen in Sanaa is 75 percent of sea level. The atmosperic pressure of air is 0.9.

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