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Cross Red Sea

EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, March 17 2008 11:02:47

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06-03-2008 Read Sea km: 125,181

05th March 23:45 our cow boat left Djibouti port. They put 600 cows until 23:30. End of the day of my visa of Djibouti was 05th March. So, 2 young corrupt Djibouti policemen demand me extention money at port last night. They are unfriendly guys. The old boat was made by wood and bad smell because of 600 cows, rats, cookloaches.... They carry 20 passangers to Yemen for 16 hours journey. cost 6000 Djibouti franc(35USD). Indian sailermen are friendly. But the boat shaked a lot and I got seasickness. I hope our boat do not sink....

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