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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Monday, March 17 2008 10:57:27

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05-03-2008 Djibouti city km: 125,181

We were lucky at Djibouti city. When we arrived first day, we met journalist of La Nation news paper. Mr. Direh Abdillaai Djara invited us to stay his house a night. The second night we stay quite expensive hotel because Mr. Tabarek Mehhred who is president of federation of Atletics invited us to stay there. The third day and fourth day Mr. Vicent Pastor who is manager of Dolfin scuba diving school and tour agency invited us to stay at their office just beside General post office. We got free accommodation all the time at Djibouti city. Thanks a lot!!

We went to port everyday to find a boat to Yemen. But nobody knows when the boat come and leave. 05th March afternoon someone told us that one boat arrived and go to Yemen tonight at port.

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