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EnglishPosted by Daisuke Wednesday, February 27 2008 18:15:14

27-02-2008 Hargeysa,Somaliland km:125,070

Laba Nin Oo Ka Soo Jeeda Japan Iyo Kanada Oo Dunida Baaskiil Ku Maraya Oo Hargeysa Soo Gaadhay "Taayirka Baaskiilkaygu Wuxuu Iga Banjaray 300 oo Jeer"Blog Image

I felt Somaliland is quite safe country. But I did not meet any foreigner tourists at anywhere. I saw a few white people who work UN or NGO. But I have never seen them on the street. They are always inside of big 4 wheel car which filmed by mirror seal. People are quite friendly but often they fight each other on the street. The price of food or accommodation is cheap. I like their big milk tea! Many police control points are on the road. Usually policemen are friendly.

Two Cyclists Touring Around the World Arrive Hargeisa Somaliland

Thursday, February 28, 2008(HOL): Two cyclists: Mr. Daisuke Nakanishi of Japan and Mr. John Martin Graham of Canada who have been traveling by bicycle around the world for years arrive Hargeisa, Somaliland yesterday.

Mr. Daisuke Nakanishi and John Martin Graham who started their journey around the world in 1998 and 2006 respectively began their last leg of cycling from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and yesterday crossed the border town of Wajaale, Somaliland’s border with Ethiopia. “I have started my journey in 1998 which, began from Osaka, Japan.

During those ten years, I have traveled through 105 courntries, including Somaliland which I have now arrived” Mr. Daisuke Nakanishi was quoted as saying by the Hargeisa’s Horn African Newspaper who also added that his next destination will be Djibouti

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